Life Update February 2010

It looks like the last time I updated this sucker was in April last year . . . right after I moved into my current domicile. Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Is anybody having any fun lately?

So, what’s going on in my life right now? What’s happened in the last year?

Short list:
– JULY/AUGUST 2009 – mission trip to Indonesia
– AUGUST 2009 – third daughter Anna
– AUGUST 2009 – laid-off from M Advisory Group after ten months
– SEPTEMBER 2009 – Ella enters second grade, Emma enters pre-K
– OCTOBER 2009 – hired as a contingent employee at Kia Motors America after two months of unemployment
– NOVEMBER 2009 – grandmother’s Buddhist funeral in Korea
– FALL 2009 – first semester took four classes: Beginning Greek I, Introduction to Spiritual Theology & Formation, Theology I: Revelation and Nature of God, and Urban Mission and Ministry
– JANUARY 2010 – first inter-term course: Church and Society
– FEBRUARY 2010 – entered fifth semester at Talbot

It’s been a crazy year.


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