Life Update 2011

Looks like I’m updating this thing once a year. Since the last time I used it, the site has broken. So, I’ll have to spend some time fixing it. What’s been going on since the last annual update? Let’s see how much I can remember.

CLASSES: Greek Exegesis (15-week class in 10-weeks . . . UGH)
– celebrated my baby’s first birthday
CLASSES: Exegesis of Gospels (almost failed), Theo 3, Intro to World Missions
– started as a permanent employee at Kia Motors America as a Product Planning & Development Analyst
– GKYM Vision Conference

SPRING CLASSES: Crosscultural Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Expository Preaching
JAN – turned in my resignation to TGSC
FEB – finished my last month at TGSC after 4 years
MAR – first month of “sabbatical” . . . visited Redeemer Alliance, Hana, Cerritos Presbyterian, Global Mission Church
APR – second month of “sabbatical” . . . visited OKCRC (offered a position, declined), Thanksgiving Korean, Church of Southland; candidated at Hana (did not get position)
MAY – third month of “sabbatical” . . . visited Onnuri, Sarang, Newsong, Bethel
JUNE – started as College Pastor at Irvine Onnuri Church; turned 35

I’ll try to post more thoughts later.


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