Do you ever feel like your life has come full circle? There’s so much deja-vu-ness about my life right now.

In particular, I look back to sixty-six months ago (March 2003).

Employment Situation
In March 2003, I was working at Nexian, Inc.:
– in a tall building owned by a bank
– across the street from a major mall (University Towne Center, La Jolla)
– small company of about a dozen people
– department: Customer Service

Now, I work at M Advisory Group:
– in a tall building owned by a bank
– across the street from a major mall (Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance, CA)
– small company of about a dozen people
– department: Client Service

Family Situation
In March 2003, my wife was three months pregnant with Ella and we were into our third year of marriage

Now, my wife is pregnant with our third baby Enoch (we know it’s a boy even though doctors have not confirmed it . . . shut up all ye naysayers), and we are into the third year of our third triennium of our marriage (3 x 3 x 3). It’s a stretch, but I’m a geek and I’m big into numbers.

Living Situation
In 2003, we were in a two-bedroom apartment
Now, we are in a two-bedroom
NOTE: This is only significant if you knew how many different types of living arrangements my wife and I have had in our short eight years of marriage. We lived in three different complexes in our first three years of marriage. The first two were in Miramesa. The third was a place behind Target on Balboa in San Diego (near El Cotixan). My brother Simon was living with us at the time. Oh, and Joseph Kim lived in the second community with us. For about a year, we lived with my wife’s parents. Then, we moved to Houston, where we rented an apartment complex for one year near Westheimer (restaurants galore), rented a home near Katy for one year, and then actually owned a home for one year (we still own it . . . don’t ask). Since, moving back to LA, we were homeless for one month. Much love to Daegun/Liz, Ben Sin, Tatum Jones boys, Sam Chun, Cindy Nguyen, and Steve/Joanne Choi for letting me crash your pads during that time. We lived in Lakewood for six months. Now, we live in Redondo Beach and we are looking for a place in Gardena. Count it, we have moved eleven times since we married.

A few items are a little off, but parallel nonetheless:
In 2003, I was attending Biola. Now, I am attending Talbot.
In 2003, my wife was working at DC Shoes. Now (less than a year ago), my wife was working at Globe Shoes.
In the past, I was serving under Pastor Nathan Kim. Now, I am serving under Pastor Nathan Kim again.


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