Know Your Role

Know Your RoleAs I read through the book of Esther (and many of the books of the Bible), I am always amazed at the role reversals. Those who think highly of themselves are brought down. Those willing to sacrifice themselves are lifted up. Haman, who sought to annihilate the Jews, because of the disregard of Mordecai, ends up executed and on display for all to see. Mordecai, the lowly gatekeeper, is promoted to second in command of the empire. Esther, who was willing to die for her people, ends up becoming the heroine who rescues them. When Dwayne Johnson was actively wrestling as the Rock, he would always say, “Know your role. Shut your mouth.” It seemed so rude (and awesome) at the time, but there was so much wisdom for all of life in this short outburst of bravado. Stay humble.


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