First Thoughts on Prometheus (No Spoilers . . . I think)

[DISCLAIMER: I don’t think there are any spoilers in this. In fact, I think you should read this, so you are properly prepared for your experience. If you find that I have spoiled your experience, forgive me. Anyways, click to read more.]

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the IMAX 3D midnight screening of Prometheus at Irvine Spectrum. It was an amazingly, beautiful movie. My jaw dropped at so many moments.

One person I went with said it was boring and predictable. My thought, though. It’s a prequel, so . . . some of the predictability is intentional. Some of it is even done as a service to fans of the original.

Others are saying the story was filled with holes. I’m okay with that, though. From the beginning, what has made the Aliens series work (a “theme,” if you will) is what you didn’t know. At every moment, we only know as much as the earthlings know, right? Even after having seen the movie, I’m okay with not knowing everything. I’ll wait for the sequel to discover more.

One more thing. Ridley Scott has denied that this is a sequel and yes, there’s enough different in this movie that his claim could be valid. There are enough links, though, that . . . again . . . will satisfy true fans of the original. Great way to fill in some back story, but still leaving us hanging.


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  1. Sam L. Avatar
    Sam L.

    So, I haven’t seen the movie yet, and this hasn’t spoiled anything for me. Lee, I’m wondering, I heard that basically you learn everything but a tiny sliver about the movie in the trailers.

    Also, as to the sequel/prequel thing… I heard that Ridley Scott originally intended this to be a prequel movie. But he wanted to tell a different story, so there is supposed to be no true relationship between the movies except that they exist in the same universe.

    1. Wow, it’s been a month since this comment posted. Sorry, I haven’t responded. I usually don’t get comments. Have you seen the movie yet?

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