Do It Yourself

Recently, my daughter got a huge kick out of watching Disney XD stars make “Build a Superhero” videos. One guy (Jake) built himself up as a superhero named “Butterfly Net.” His catch-phrase? “Do it yourself.” This week, all my posts will be related to recent TED talks that I’ve viewed. I’ll probably reference them a ton in the future, because I just love them. They inspire me. There were a couple back in March, though . . . that bothered me: one by Chris Kluwe on augmented reality and another by Ray Kurzweil on hybrid thinking. They basically talked about how computers were going to help us so much in the future. Kluwe believes AR will help football players play. Kurzweil believes nanocomputers will help us think. How is that helping? I think technology has made us dumber. Technology has become a crutch.


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