Back in 2006, while I was doing ministry in Houston, I had taken the youth group of The United Korean Church of Houston to a Dare 2 Share conference. In one of the talks that Greg Stier gave, he explained that there were three types of people: rebels, posers, and losers. He challenged us to be “losers” for Christ (Matthew 10:39). Recently, I had an epiphany that took this lesson to the next level for me. For the longest time, I had arrogantly thought of myself as so important . . . so knowledgeable/smart/spiritual. I was deeply humbled by the realization that I wasn’t “all that.” It forced me to look at myself (and my past) and review my relationships and social interactions in a different way. When you start to think of yourself as “less than,” I believe it offers you a huge opportunity to grow.

2006 Dare 2 Share Conference


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