My Food? His Will

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“Baby’s full” When I was in college, there was a dining hall next to my dormitory that was buffet style (i.e., all you can eat). I remember going there every night of freshman year with the same group of friends. One of our favorite nights was chicken tenders night. How can you resist? Unlimited piles […]

Me, Too?

I don’t consider myself an emotional individual, but I was really rocked by what happened in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. #HopeForVegas I have also been troubled as I read Facebook posts after Facebook posts that all begin with #MeToo. I was hoping that someone in the Christian space would speak into this topic, […]

I’m a Little Tired

I’m a little tired. Friday 4:30 Woke up 5:15 Drove to Newport 10:00 Drove to Irvine 2:00 Drove to Newport Saturday 4:30 Woke up 8:00 Drove to Irvine 10:00 Drove to Newport 12:00 Drove to Irvine 7:00 Drove to Newport 9:00 Drove to Irvine Sunday 5:30 Woke up 2:00 Drove to Newport 6:00 Drove to […]