Everybody Was Kung-Fu Being Somebody Else

NOTE: On Thursdays, I will try to provide a preview of what I will be teaching on Sunday. Usually, I will post what I am going to teach in TGSC KiDS, but about once a month, I’ll also preach to the TGSC EM adults.


I had an opportunity to watch the third Kung Fu Panda movie this week and I must say that I was thoroughly inspired spiritually. Despite the movie obviously being heavily influenced by Eastern spirituality (i.e., Buddhism), it has much to say from a Christian perspective as well. Don’t get me wrong. I am definitely not a universalist. I do not believe all paths lead up to the top of the mountain. I do believe, though, that you can find redemptive truth in almost every story. As I begin a series on Spiritual Formation (also a controversial topic), I look forward to sharing what Po’s “enlightenment” can teach us about our own spirituality. Join us at TGSC this Sunday as I share three things I learned from the movie that can help us move past ourselves and grow in our faith.

No Excuses

Maria C Dawson: Stupefied "No Excuses"

Only by the grace of God, I had an opportunity for a parenting moment today. This Friday, her youth group is having a Bring-A-Friend night. I asked her who she was going to bring. She said she wasn’t going to bring anybody. I asked her why. She gave me a whole litany of reasons why she wouldn’t even bother. All of her reasons were valid. All of her reasons were legitimate. The most difficult thing about bringing somebody to our church is that we live in Irvine and our church is in Torrance. So, I heard her out. For all of her reasons, though, I still did not hear a good enough answer as to why she shouldn’t (or couldn’t) bring a friend. I had a rebuttal for every single argument. Continue reading “No Excuses”