It is Finished

“For how long?” is the next question. We have finally completed our move. We started moving stuff in on Saturday, April 11 (special thanks to Andrew Kim and Arthur Cha). Then, we moved a little bit at a time every night thereafter. Did about two trips on Wednesday night. Then came the Big Move on Thursday (special thanks to Victor Bauhng for Wed/Thu). Friday at lunch I did a few things and then I headed off to New Orleans after church (thanks to Arthur for the ride). My mom, Simon, Jess, and Virginia came on Saturday to help do a few more trips and unpack in my absence. Sunday was quiet. Monday was quiet.

Although I had asked my wife not to do anything on the Big Move, because she felt guilty for not doing anything, every time I turned my back, she exerted energy to move stuff around or unpack stuff when I wasn’t looking. That and the stress of the move caused her to feel pain by the end of Thursday night. The best description she could give was that the baby was “bunching up.” Called the doctor the next day and although she had gone into the office to work, she was advised to go on bedrest. I asked her to stay home from Friday bible study. She did not attend EM service on Sunday . . . only youth service so that L&M could attend Sunday School. Continue reading “It is Finished”